What To Look For In a Confidential Paper Shredding supplier in Ireland

Pulp your Confidential Paper Shredding supplier in Ireland

The importance of confidential paper shredding is becoming more evident as more laws are being passed to protect confidential data. In today’s information age, data and information have become crucial to protect. No matter where you are, inadequate protection could result in your sensitive paper waste being compromised, resulting in large fines and a loss of your hard earned reputation. Here at PULP, we provide the most secure confidential shredding service nationwide. Why are we the obvious choice for paper shredding Ireland?

The most important factor to consider in confidential paper shredding is security. Under Irish and European law you are responsible for ensuring any papers with sensitive information are destroyed. If your shredding provider fails you, you are still held responsible. New European legislation due to be released in 2016 is suggesting a penalty of 5% of turnover for each data breach. This can put many businesses at risk and means that paper shredding in Limerick or paper shredding in Tipperary needs to be just as secure as paper shredding in Dublin or paper shredding in Cork.


How can you be sure that your confidential paper shredding provider will not let you down?

Take a few minutes to look at their qualifications and accreditations.

On the most basic level, do they have a waste license that allows them to operate in your area? At PULP, we have the licences for and provide a confidential paper shredding service nationwide. But we don’t only stop there, we shred in Northern Ireland too. Many of our customers have branches across both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We have developed a service that will match those needs, as well as those of our customers with only one office. Even if you need paper shredding Belfast, we can shred your confidential paper. No matter where you are, we can look after paper shredding Ireland.

Paper shredding security and qualifications.

After that, you need to consider their security qualifications. We are ISO9001 accredited, incorporating EN15713. Firstly, the ISO is a quality assurances accreditation. This means that all of our customers get the same high quality service, whether they need paper shredding in Naas or paper shredding in Dundalk. EN15713 is the only European Shredding Standard and ensures you that all of your paper is destroyed in accordance with European secure shredding requirements. In addition to this, we are members of numerous shredding organisations, such as the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and the Irish Security Industry Association’s (ISIA) data destruction division. This keeps us at the forefront of the shredding industry so that we are always up to date with the latest developments.

Garda vetted confidential paper shredding team.

Add in the Garda vetting on all of our shredding staff, our clean track record and 11 years of experience and you can rest assured that if you need confidential shredding, whether it is paper shredding Kilkenny, paper shredding Naas, paper shredding Dublin – in fact any paper shredding Ireland – your secrets are safe with us.

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