The best way to handle your confidential shredding

Every business creates paper that contains sensitive information. From printed out statements with customers’ bank details to post-it notes with contact details, all of this sensitive information needs confidential shredding to comply with Data Protection legislation.

In addition to these Must-Shred documents, there are also documents that are prudent to use confidential shredding for. Old marketing material and unused letterheads could be misused by fraudsters if not destroyed. Your business plans and meeting notes could be of great interest to your competitors if they ended up in the wrong hands. The clear solution to avoiding these problems is confidential shredding.

But what is the best way to handle your confidential shredding?

Some companies opt to buy a shredder and shred in house. While this can seem like an easy solution, it is often problematic. Firstly there is the equipment. Unless you are investing heavily in a confidential shredding machine, most office confidential shredding machines can only take a few pages at a time before jamming and are very slow to shred. Also, most office confidential shredding machines strip and  shred, which is relatively easy to reassemble if someone is determined to get to your sensitive information. And if you do purchase a high-end model, the maintenance fees can be exorbitant. If your shredder has any technical problems, you are left unable to shred and with your paper piling up until you can replace or repair the machine, which can take some time – leaving your confidential paper vulnerable.

Confidential Shredding Dublin

Often, the biggest problem is staff education and enthusiasm with regards to confidential shredding. While you may have a great grasp of what needs to be shredded, your staff might not. When staff members judge the best use of their time, confidential shredding is seldom high on their list. As a result sensitive paper ends up in unsecure recycling waste as staff judge that it is “worth” the risk, or do not judge it “sensitive enough” for confidential shredding. This is a huge risk to take and can lead to a loss of reputation and large fines for a company. That is not to mention the costs of your staff time being spent on confidential shredding and the annoyance and hassle involved with an office shredder (such as emptying it, or the noise it generates).

The solution to these problems is using a reputable, reliable and accredited confidential shredding company. At PULP, our on and off site confidential shredding services are ISO9001 accredited, incorporating the EN15713 shredding standard. Our paper is also cross cut shredded to prevent reassembly. We are members of confidential shredding organisations, such as the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and the Irish Security Association’s (ISIA) Data Destruction Division. Our confidential shredding services are fast and easy for your staff – all they have to do is put the paper into bags or boxes for a once off clear out, or pop it into our confidential units which are emptied on a regular basis if you use our regular shredding service. It saves you and your staff time, money and effort while providing the best security for you. With nationwide service, 11 years of confidential shredding experience and a clean track record, PULP is the best choice for your confidential shredding.

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