Tax Returns Ireland

In October 31, 2013

Paper Shredding Ireland

Tax Returns Ireland: Preparing Accountants for the end of year tax returns.

It’s that time of year again when accountants are currently pushing calculators and sharpening their pencils as they go through their tax returns.

The financial year end is the period at the end of a company’s trading year where a firms accounts are complied.

This will involve a thorough reconciliation of all transactions and will also involve preparing income statements and statements of financial positions (balance sheets) which will detail all the companies’ transactions throughout the year in a prescribed format.

When the deadline comes to a close in November there will be many accountants relieved and happy it’s all done and dusted. The last thing you need is to stand by a shredder and shred the countless amounts of notepads, workings and documents that have accumulated since you started and finished the end of year returns. Old files must be removed in order to make space for this years files.

This is where we come in. Pulp Recycling can provide a confidential shredding service for all companies that are going through their end of year documents and statements.

Paper Shredding Ireland

Why use Pulp Recycling?

There are 3 main reasons why you should avail of our purge/clear-out service they are time, security and savings.


After the hard craft and having all the books balance and sent away its time for a break, don’t spend your time shredding material. We can provide both an onsite and offsite shredding service which will take a fraction of the time to dispose of the material that has built up throughout the year.

By using our onsite shredding service we can minimise the time spent on your premises as our trucks shred up to 1.6 ton per hour. To further reduce time spent on your premises we can offer an offsite shredding service in which our Garda vetted staff load the material in to our lockable wheeled bins for transport to our state of the art facility for shredding.

As well as time there is the health and safety risk of using an office shredder.


By using a secure shredding company to destroy all your sensitive documents, you ensure that all your material is been shredded. Using a company gives you a peace of mind that all the sensitive documents are shredded.

Relying on staff do their own shredding may lead to some material been filtered through to the waste recycling where it is not shredded and going through a process where it is passed through many hands.

Using Pulp Recycling we can provide a 100% dedicated service to the shredding of confidential documents by our Garda vetted staff.

In addition all our shredded paper is baled and 100% recycled saving our environment.


Using a company to shred all your sensitive documents will actually save you money.

Firstly there are no maintenance costs for having an office shredder.

The cost of staff time dealing with the disposal of the confidential waste is reduced effectively to zero as they do not have to spend the valuable time shredding, staff can concentrate on the their daily tasks, boosting morale and productivity in the work place.

If you are looking at a small mountain of material and you are not convinced yet, we are 100% Irish owned, trustworthy and provide a nationwide service with three depots strategically place across Ireland. We also shred for the major accounting firms in Ireland such as KPMG, Crowe Horwath and IFAC Accountants.

Confidential Document Destruction

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It’s quite simple, using a paper shredding service saves you money. Your old data is confidentially shredded, giving you security and peace of mind. Our recycling policy is good for the environment. Pulp Recycling is the shredding company for you.

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