Secure Shredding Service: The Benefits for Credit Unions

Confidential Document Destruction

The Benefits of using a Secure Shredding Service for Credit Unions.

There are many benefits of using a shredding service for Credit Unions which are a non- profit organisation set up to benefit the community.

“A Credit Union is a group of people who save together and lend to each other at a fair and reasonable rate of Interest.”

Having a confidential shredding service taking care of all the members’ sensitive details is the best way bar none to ensure all the material is destroyed confidentially, safely and securely at a cost effective price.

There are 5 main Benefits of Credit Unions using a shredding service.

1.       Security

Using a company to destroy all your sensitive documents, you ensure that all confidential material of your member’s is being shredded. By using a ‘shred all policy’, whereby all paper material leaving the credit union is being shredded, each credit union can provide security and peace of mind by knowing that all sensitive material is being shredded.

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2.       Data Protection

With the E.U Data Protection rules currently being revised, the implementation of new more stringent rules and regulations for companies and organisations to store and dispose of material safely and correctly is going to happen. This will be in addition to the current Data Protection Act (2003).

3.       Free Staff Time

Credits unions are a non-profit organisation, which work for the community.  Budgets are set out specifically for the organisation on a yearly basis. In relation to staff budgets, they should solely be used to pay staff to carry out their daily duties such as dealing with the public and accounts. . By using a regular shredding service, staff does not have to spend their valuable time destroying confidential paper. Workers can just simply pop the sensitive documents into a locked bin, which the shredding company will collect on a regular basis and shred the contents.  Also cutting the unnecessary duties of shredding out of the equation, staff morale and job satisfaction will be at a high.

4.       Health and Safety:

By eliminating the shredder from the credit union, you will also be eliminating the Health & Safety risk associated with staff members injuring themselves. You will also eliminate the fire risk associated with a shredding machine which is not maintained correctly.

 5.       Savings

On Average each member of staff spends 15 minutes each day shredding. When you consider the average hourly wage, and factor in the cost of a buy and maintaining a shredder and disposing of the material, it costs well over €50 per month to have you own office shredder. That is a huge monthly cost, which can be cut down to a minimal cost for the company on a monthly basis.

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Take all 5 benefits into account; it makes more sense to have a confidential shredding provider in place to look after the shredding and disposal of the sensitive documents that is generated on a daily basis in Credit Unions.

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