How secure document shredding helps your business to comply with Irish legislation.

In September 25, 2014
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Protection for your business

Paper Shredding Your business will no doubt produce many documents containing sensitive information, such as bank statements, company accounts and employee payslips that needs shredding. In fact, companies will produce paper work with most staff will printing or scribbling down sensitive information on paper daily.

Sensitive documentation will build up on a daily basis, if not handled properly it will potentially cause a lot of problems. We have seen in the past that data in the right hands can cause a lot of trouble; companies can lose thousands of euros, lose creditability and destroy the trust between your company and your customers.

Think about it!! One slip up and if data gets into the wrong hands your business can be exposed revealing business plans, details on staff or suppliers as a result doing irreversible damage.

With corporate fraud and identity theft as the fastest growing crimes in Ireland and worldwide, it is essential for your business to make sure that you are doing all you can to protect your confidential documents and abide the laws surrounding them.

The Law

Paper ShreddingCompliance with Irish Data Protection aims to protect consumers and businesses against fraud, and it is being updated regularly to make sure that it does. The Data protection law states that every business is trusted to keep information private, and customers and employees are entitled to their information being kept completely safe and confidential.

“The Acts require that appropriate security measures be in place which take account of the harm that would result from unauthorised access to the information.

Breaking this law can result in a €100,000 fine not to forget about the damage to you companies creditability and identity.

How PULP can help

Paper ShreddingThe most effective way to guarantee your company is secure and protected from data breaches, data theft and fraud is to have a secure confidential service in place. Having a confidential shredding service in place will ensure that all sensitive documentation is securely destroyed and out of prying hands.

Pulp provide a secure confidential shredding service nationwide both onsite and offsite. We are ISO 9001 approved and certified in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We are 100% dedicated to providing the best most secure shredding service to our customers nationwide.

To find out more about how we can help you on a regular basis or an annual basis gives us a call we will be happy to assist you.

It’s quite simple, using a paper shredding service saves you money. Your old data is confidentially shredded, giving you security and peace of mind. Our recycling policy is good for the environment. Pulp Recycling is the shredding company for you.

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