We offer a tailored regular paper shredding service to suit your company.

The regular paper shredding service is for companies that have confidential information that they dispose of regularly, or even companies that just like the added security of knowing that every piece of paper leaving their offices is shredded and will never end up in anyone else’s hands.

Regular Paper Shredding Onsite Service

Our regular onsite confidential shredding service completes your paper shredding outside your premises. Your paper shredding happens on a regular route so your confidential shredding does not build up.
We supply you with the bins or consoles to place your paper shredding in. This keeps your confidential shredding secure between collections. With this confidential shredding service you can watch the destruction of your confidential data from the built in CCTV monitor for your peace of mind.

Our Garda vetted staff collect your paper from the bins or consoles and load it into a secure bin which is weighed and hoisted by our truck to tip directly into the on-board paper shredder. All of your confidential shredding occurs before we leave the premises and we can supply you with a certificate of destruction for your paper shredding on a monthly or annual basis for your own records.


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We offer a tailored regular shredding service to suit your company.

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We supply you with locked Bins or Consoles for your premises that you fill with office paper.

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When the units are full we send out our team to collect the units from your premises.

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They're securely transported from your premises to our mobile shredding truck.

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The process is fully automatic so there is no chance of anything ending up outside our truck. You can supervise at the kerbside ...as there is a CCTV monitor so that you can view the material right until all paper is confidentially shredded

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Once at our mobile shredding truck all the documents are destroyed securely by our cross blade shredders that ensure that all your paper ends up as confetti.

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You are issued with a certificate of destruction for your audit and environmental records.

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All your paper is taken away for recycling back into products such as tissue and egg cartons.

The big difference between ourselves and other recycling companies in Ireland is that because we specialize solely in document destruction we can guarantee that 100% of our paper is recycled. Other companies offer a Dry Mixed Recyclable service but generally most Dry Mixed Recyclables services only recycle 40-50% of the material.

Is it worth a little extra to know you’ll never have to face the embarrassment of any one else going through any material that has left your premises?

Whether you’re looking for shredding in Dublin, shredding in Cork, shredding in Limerick or shredding in Galway, Pulp operate a nationwide response time of a maximum of 48 hours.


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