Pulp Recycling gets a New Shredder for our Offsite Shredding service.

In November 27, 2013

Offsite Shredding just got Bigger and Better

The 7th of November was eagerly anticipated by Pulp Recycling as we were waiting the arrival of our new shredder for our offsite shredding facility. As the truck rolled into our site after is long over sea haul, we hopped out of our seats and ran down to welcome it on its arrival as if we were welcoming home the All-Ireland winners.

When we opened up the doors of the shipping container we were greeted by a 4 ton green machine, our new hulk.

Paper shredding


We arranged the man power, the fork lift and the heists and started the tedious installation of our giant machine. After four long hard days of labour, on the 19th of November we flicked the switch and the shredder roared into life.

Over the years our aim was to expand our service both onsite and offsite. We had achieved what we envisioned 2 years ago when we set up our off site shredding service. The growth of the service was rapid and still growing, so in order to accommodate the demand for offsite shredding we needed to invest in a bigger, higher spec shredder.  After many calls and endless hours of research we decided and settled on the ST75 shredder from ShredTech.

ST75 can shred up to a massive 5 ton per hour – a big upgrade from the original shredder we had in place.  We didn’t want to settle for any shredder. We wanted the best, the fastest and the strongest, it is fair to say we have ticked all those boxes.

Paper shredding

Our offsite shredding service is growing rapidly throughout Ireland, the reason being that we have strived to achieve the best service for our customers by having tight security measures in place such as GPS tracked vehicles, slam locked vans, locked wheeled bins, high security premises and our Garda vetted staff – all which are vital to ensure that the customer is provided with the most secure, cost effective service.

Paper shredding

If our new shredders arrival hasn’t convinced you to use our off site service yet, we are 100% Irish owned, trustworthy and provide a nationwide service with three depots strategically placed across Ireland. We also currently shred offsite for organisations such as the Department of Education, Bank of Ireland and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation. See what our customers say about us http://glenpatrickwater.ie/pulp/testimonials

If you want to find out how our accredited customer service can help you, call us at 01 462 5540 or 021 4590100 also you can contact us directly through email.

We can help you on a regular and yearly basis contact us at www.pulp.ie

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It’s quite simple, using a paper shredding service saves you money. Your old data is confidentially shredded, giving you security and peace of mind. Our recycling policy is good for the environment. Pulp Recycling is the shredding company for you.

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