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In February 26, 2014
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Pulp Recycling’s: Pulp Fact not Fiction

Pulp Recycling’s shredding service works on routes on a weekly fortnightly and monthly basis to all our customers nationwide. So don’t be surprised if you spot our customer care reps passing the Ring of Kerry, looking at the view off the Cliffs of Moher, passing The Spire of Dublin or even rolling through the hills of Donegal. We do all this as we provide our award winning service to our regular customers throughout Ireland

So let’s break it down; what is our regular service and how can we help you? I want to take it back to basics and outline a step by step procedure on what happens when Pulp Recycling provide you with a confidential shredding service and inform you with a few facts you may never have thought of –what we refer to as PULP Facts not Fiction

Paper Shredding

1.     Staff

Pulp Recycling have 11 customer care reps that are fully qualified and trained to provide the best service for our customers. You have the added benefit of having all our staff Garda vetted for extra security and protection on our service. We have continuous training in place to ensure all our staff are providing our customers with the best service.

Fact: As part of our ISO 9001 accreditation, we dedicate 15 minutes first thing every morning to discuss various customer service issues throughout our customer care team and how best to serve our customers.

2.     Console

We place a console into your office which saves you time; instead of shredding material on a daily basis you pop material into our console. It has many knock on benefits to a company: we save you time, we help increase your security, there are no safety hazards from using a shredder and above all, Pulp gives you the peace of mind to know all material is secure and will be shredded.

Fact: All our vehicles are GPS tracked.

Paper Shredding

3.     Shredding procedure

We can provide onsite and offsite shredding.

Onsite Shredding.

We collect the material in the console and place the material into a lockable wheeled bin. The material is then securely brought to our onsite shredding truck for shredding.

Fact: Pulp Recycling trucks shred 1.6 ton per hour.

Offsite shredding.

We collect the material in the console and the material is then taken to our offsite slam lock van for transport to our offsite state of the art facility for shredding.

Fact: Fill me save and you will save 30 trees.

Paper Shredding

4.     Shredding and baling

Material that is shredded onsite is transported back to our secure premises; it is then baled and readied to be transported for recycling.

Material that is brought back to our facility for offsite shredding on the same day of collection is shredded through our new offsite shredder and then baled.

Fact: 2 bales are equal to 1 ton of shredded paper.

5.     Recycling

Our bales are kept in our secure facility, an articulated lorry collect bales from Pulp Recycling twice a week.

Fact: 1 Lorry saves over 400 trees. We fill 2-3 Lorries per week!

6.     Security

Lastly, all our customers that go through the process of our regular service have the peace of mind known that all their confidential paper waste has been securely shredded and disposed of which saves money and ensures security throughout the company.

Fact: We are the largest 100% Irish owned confidential shredding company.

So call us today and avail of our service where we can offer you a trustworthy, professional customer focused service.

We can help you on a regular or an annual basis, contact us at www.pulp.ie

If you want to find out how our award winning customer service can help you, call us at 01 462 5540 or 021 4590100. You can also contact us directly through email.

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It’s quite simple, using a paper shredding service saves you money. Your old data is confidentially shredded, giving you security and peace of mind. Our recycling policy is good for the environment. Pulp Recycling is the shredding company for you.

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