Employee Hiring and Screening

  • Comprehensive background checks are performed on all employees prior to hiring in accordance with our procedures detailed in our ISO 9001 QMS.
  • Employees must sign a confidentiality agreement before employment begins.
  • Drivers must meet all licensing requirements.
  • Pulp  maintains written policies for drivers and processing employees.
  • All staff must first be vetted and approved by An Garda Síochána

Facility Security

Pulp adhere to the highest standards of warehouse security. The PULP  Shredding Facility is covered by an 8 camera CCTV system.

These cameras (5 internal, 3 external) detail each area of our shredding facility. They have day and night capability and each recording is held for over 90 days. In addition to this, our facility is surrounded by a 2 metre high perimeter fence as well as a 2 metre internal security fence.

Our Alarm is monitored remotely and the key holders are alerted immediately should a sensor be triggered.

No access to any facility is allowed unless visitors are escorted by an Pulp  employee

Materials are always attended by a company employee and/or physically secured from unauthorised access while awaiting destruction.

All materials are transported in secure, locked containers during removal from the customer’s building to the transportation vehicle in order to prevent data loss due to wind or inclement weather.

All of our customer care representatives will be wearing uniforms and photo ID badges in order to clearly verify their identity as an Pulp  employee.

The Destruction Process

All vehicles have applicable government inspections, registration, and insurance. Every vehicle is certified for road worthiness annually and all shredding vehicles are serviced at least 4 times per year to ensure they are operating correctly.

All collection equipment (bins, cabinets, bags) are kept behind lock and bars until the confidential data is ready to be shredded by Pulp employees inside our secure destruction facility.

Paper is destroyed to particle size no wider than 15.3mm shred width.

Certificates of Destruction can be included with the invoice to the clients.

Send us a mail or call 01 4625540 to discuss your confidential paper shredding solution.

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