Confidential Paper Secure Storage soloutions

Paper Shredding Ireland
Our aim is to find secure solutions for your confidential office paper that fit in with your office environment and look as tidy and professional as possible.

Confidential Paper Console

The Confidential Console.
The console is a slim line securely locked box for paper and confidential files. It can also take newspaper, magazines and most types of office paper.
Height: 92 cm
Width: 58 cm
Depth: 40 cm
Capacity: 50 kg ( Avg 5 Black Sacks )
Colour: Grey

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Confidential Paper Console

Confidential Paper Bin

The Confidential Wheelie Bin.
The wheelie bin is becoming more popular for offices but is mainly used for warehouse and storage areas.
Height: 105 cm
Width: 55 cm
Depth: 72 cm
Capacity: 100 kg ( Avg 10 Black Sacks )
Colour: Green

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Other Confidential Paper Storage Solutions

We also have a range of confidential paper storage products. Pulp’s junior confidential console which has the same footprint as the regular console but it is only 60 centimeters tall, brilliant for just under, beside or on the desk .

The 1100 liter wheeled confidential bin which is great for single location offsite and onsite paper shredding collections. The is also the mini wheelie, a great solution for offices a bit tight on space.

Bags can be provided as back up to your confidential paper consoles so that if you find the consoles filling up you have the option to store additional material before your collection.

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