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In January 29, 2014
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Pulp Recycling’s Nationwide Confidential Shredding Service

It’s the time of the year when Pulp Recycling is busy providing our nationwide confidential shredding service for companies that are clearing out their offices of the old confidential material that are passed their “sell by date”.

Documents that need to be stored are usually kept so a company can refer back to documentation when it needs be; however most sensitive documents have a seven year life cycle.

Once the seven years is up, many companies need to do a Purge or a clear out. Seven years is a long time but it does not affect the sensitivity of material with names, addresses, business plans, customer lists, accounts, payslips….. the list goes on.

Companies must destroy the material when doing a clear out.

So what do you do?

Well, you have two options:

Option 1: Buy a shredder (you may already have one) and shred the material yourself

That’s a great idea but having to shred a year or two years’ worth of material is not going to be the most practical way to shred material for a number of reasons.

  • Cost: Buying the shredder is going to cost you money straight away. Then there is the maintenance of the shredder, don’t forget about the electricity to run the machine. However, these are relatively small costs. The biggest cost of them all is your staff time. Having to employ staff to sit or stand at a shredder for a long period of time costs the company valuable staff time and money when staff can be doing more productive work for the company. Then you have the joyous task to dispose of the material once it has been shredded.

Did you know?

“The average €100 office shredder will take 8 minutes to shred two kilos, that’s 40 minutes per black bag. It will take Pulp Recycling less than a minute to shred a bag of material.”

Can you imagine 20 – 30 bags of paper work? Try over 13 hours!!

  • Health and Safety: You may be thinking. What is the hazard in having a small shredder? You would be surprised!! Firstly, you need to ensure all staff are trained to use the shredder.  Then you have the dangers of the shredding blades. You must ensure staff’s safety so fingers or items of clothing such as ties don’t end up caught in the shredder. Dust particles can also be a major problem when you are shredding a quantity of material.
  • Security: The biggest ache in a company is to ensure the all the material is securely shredded. Can you be sure that staff are shredding all the confidential material? Especially after spending 13 hours shredding, will corners be cut (excuse the pun!).


In summary, surely there is a better more cost effective, secure and healthier option than that!! Yes there is……

Paper Shredding Ireland

Option 2: – Pulp Recycling

With Pulp Recycling we can provide a secure shredding service, either Onsite or Offsite for your annual clear outs that easily overcome the 3 main points on why not to do ‘DIY shredding’.

Firstly, security is a major point on shredding old sensitive paper in a company, with Pulp we can provide two services onsite and offsite shredding that will ensure that you are getting a 100% secure confidential shredding service. We shred everything; all the material that we collect on your premises is shredded, baled and recycled. This way you have total peace of mind that your material is securely shredded so there is no chance of a data breach or material getting into the public domain.

We can ‘cut’ staff time spent shredding the old documents in the office giving staff the opportunity and time to be completing their daily tasks.

Health and safety is not an issue anymore as all our staff and trained and qualified to use our machinery while wearing the protective clothing.

Paper Shredding


There are two ways we can provide a secure purge service for our customers:

Onsite and Offsite Shredding

Onsite Shredding:

This is the most secure way to shred for the customer as they get to watch the material being shredded in front of them.

The way we carry out the service is as follows: we travel to the customer with our mobile shredding truck, gather the material and then shred it at their premises, where the material is weighed before it is destroyed. The customer can look at the material being shredded through a CCTV monitor built into the truck.  This all happens at the customer’s premises.

Our trucks have built in shredding blades which will shred 1.6 tonnes of material per hour.

After we leave the premises, the material is then brought back to our facility, where it is baled and readied for recycling.

Offsite Shredding:

This is equally as secure a method to shred paper waste however; the customer cannot view the material being destroyed on their premises.

Offsite Shredding is when we travel to the customer with our secure collection vehicle, gather the material and place it into locked, wheeled bins. The material is then weighed and loaded into the trucks for transportation to our state of the art offsite shredding facility.

The material is then poured into a shredder where it is torn into confetti-like material. The material is then baled and readied for recycling.

Offsite service is more cost effective and creates huge savings for a company that generates material on a regular or yearly basis.

So instead of looking at the small mountain of material that has built up in your storage facility or having nightmares about having to shred the material yourself, contact us here at Pulp recycling for a quote

Paper Shredding

If you want to find out how our award winning customer service can help you, call us at 01 462 5540 or contact us directly through email.

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It’s quite simple, using a paper shredding service saves you money. Your old data is confidentially shredded, giving you security and peace of mind. Our recycling policy is good for the environment. Pulp Recycling is the shredding company for you.

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