How prepared is your Business against Identity Theft?

In March 27, 2015
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Studies in America have proven that identity theft is on the rise. These figures can be applied to Ireland with similar markets.

It was the single most common consumer complaint last year across the world with tens of millions of people affected.

Studies in USA have proven that “while only 14 % of identity theft victims were hit with direct out-of-pocket financial losses, legal fees, bounced checks and other indirect costs push that number up to 68 % losing money to identity thieves.”

Nowadays, when we think about identity theft, we think of huge cyber breaches which have been all over the news. Many large brands and government agencies across the world have been hit by hackers with millions of emails, passwords, and even credit card numbers being compromised.

However it is fascinating to note that according to a report issued by the Identity Theft Resource Center, 53.1% of the data breaches recorded in 2014 involved non-hacking causes such as data being moved insecurely, insider theft, accidental exposure, and employee negligence. A full 14% of all data breaches in 2014, accounting for millions of identities stolen, involved hard copy paper records. This highlights the importance of secure document shredding.

While these statistics are extremely scary realistically it won’t mean a lot to people unless they have experienced identity theft, or have been involved in a breach first hand where you work.

This can be extremely difficult for people financially and emotionally.

Confidential Paper Shredding Ireland

What can you do to protect your customers from identity theft?

When it comes to high-tech cyber crime and world-class hacking, there is little that the average person can do beyond following best practices for safe online interactions.

But business owners who work with customers’ personal information, billing information, medical records, and any other information that can be used to steal their identity must hold themselves to a higher standard. Arranging for the highest level of security in storing, transporting, and accessing digital records and paper hard copies is necessary to protect customers.

Many businesses, large and small, have chosen to outsource their records management, document shredding, and media rotation retention needs to professionals who maintain that high level of security. The importance of confidential shredding cannot be underestimated.

Here at Pulp Recycling for example, we have been helping Irish companies ensure total security during the document destruction process for over 10 years.

All our customer care representatives are Garda Vetted.

If you’re concerned that your company’s current records and confidential shredding management process may leave your customers’ identities at risk, contact us today so we can discuss your options and help you get the situation resolved.

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