GOAL Duvet Day

This month Pulp were delighted to support our customer GOAL and the fantastic work that GOAL provide. Pulp took part in the GOAL Duvet Day. This was a huge fundraising initiative by GOAL which involved businesses across Ireland.  FM 104 also ran a radio campaign with great prizes on offer.   We joined other companies in providing an extra day off (or a “duvet day”) to the lucky staff member who won the raffle at our company.

We shared the unique link with everybody in our organisation to go online and donate money to the great cause. We then sent weekly reminder emails in the lead up to Duvet Day (April 28th) to remind and encourage staff to sign up. We also put up Duvet day posters on the back of doors, in the canteen, and hallways.When our colleagues donated online they qualified for the duvet day draw.


So where are all the funds raised going?  GOAL provides humanitarian relief work across the world – whether it is responding to the Ebola crisis last year, supplying mostquito nets in Ethopia or making sure that Syrian refugees have winter blankets.  Where there is a humanitarian need, they supply humanitarian support (and you can learn more about their current initiatives on the GOAL website).

The winner of the draw was Harley Murray in our sales team. The draw was done in our office on April 28th and it was a great success and a lot of fun. Harley won herself a nice day off in May and a free Apache pizza voucher to enjoy her Duvet Day. Pulp was very excited to take part in such a good cause and we raised awareness for other companies to get involved through our social media pages on Twitter

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