Document Destruction and Storage

Document Destruction and Storage Methods to help you keep your Data Secure

Document Destruction and Storage methods should be on the top of all companies lists.


When we all think about Data Protection we should be think of ourselves, our customers and our colleagues.
Information a company records on staff, customers and suppliers needs to be held with extreme care and confidentiality until it is deemed by law that the information is out dated and can be destroyed responsibly.

Today every organisation is responsible to manage the information it handles in a secure organised way. Having a strict organised method of storing information will minimise the risks of data breach while also helping the company go about their day to day operations.

We have mentioned 3 methods that we would encourage every business to follow:


1. Secure Storage.

Firstly, it is important to have all information securely stored. Locked cabinets and locked storage rooms are ideal for the secure storage purpose. Limited employee access and secure file sharing system should be in place within a company that includes tools such as authentication and password protection to control access and manage who can view sensitive documents.


2. Staff Training

In is vital that all companies understand the importance of having a secure filing system, it is crucial that the ethos of security and confidentiality is filtered throughout every organisation. All companies should have regular on-going training days to ensure that every member of staff is familiar with the document management policies. Staff should be trained and informed of the constant changes occurring to help ensure they understand the importance of keeping data secure, what data needs to be kept and what information needs to be shredded.


3. Retention and Destruction Schedule

All documents and document files should be clearly labelled when being put in storage, by date, what they contain and when the can be destroyed.
When documents have reached their “sell by date” they must be securely destroyed. Having a confidential shredding provider to help you with the annual clear out of files helps to provide the best secure service for you saving you time and money.

Material that can be destroyed on daily or weekly bases should be stored in a securely locked cabinet. This will eliminate the confidential material been left sitting in the office waiting to be shredded by staff. Having a confidential shredding provider will also help you by providing a securely locked cabinet giving you the peace of mind that your sensitive information and your clients information is secure and shredded.

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