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Pulp’s Top Questions

Providing a confidential shredding service nationwide we have come across many questions about our service. We are here to help all our customers and to provide information to everyone who maybe questioning the methods in the work place. We have a list of frequently asked questions, we have heard over years.


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1. We use a recycling company, why would we need a confidential shredding service?

Recycling companies main focus is to recycle material they do not provide a secure confidential shredding service, the main focus is recycling. Material is sorted at their plant and may come into contact with many hands. An accidental breach may occur with any sensitive documents that leaves your premises leaving all sensitive documents open to possible prying eyes. Nobody wants that. Pulp operates solely to ensure that all your documents are shredded and destroyed securely. We can provide it on a regular and annual basis both onsite and offsite which leaves you with the peace of mind your material is securely shredded by our Garda vetted staff.

2. Confidential material? What material would I have that would be confidential?

All companies produce confidential material. There is material that you “must shred” and their is material that you “want to shred”. No company wants there sensitive documents to fall into the wrong hands.

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3. How do I know how much material I have?

Businesses usual either box or bag their material that needs to be shredded. The estimated amount would be as follows: 1 lever arch file = 2 kilos 1 archive Box = 12-15 kilos 1 black Bag = 10-12 kilos 1 pallet (consisting of 36 archive boxes) = 400 kilos

4. Is our material securely destroyed?

Pulp Recycling have more than ten years’ experience working for companies in Ireland. During that time we have developed and successfully achieved a secure confidential shredding service that is second to none. All our Garda vetted staff are trained to provide a secure service to our customers both onsite and offsite. Once the material is shredded, we provide a certificate of destruction.

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5. How do I prepare the material for collection?

Have the material that needs to be shredded, put in boxes or bags and left to one side for our customer care reps. Our Reps will then come in and collect the material, place in our secure wheeled bins and transport the material to our secure onsite shredding truck to shred on site or to our vehicle to transport  back to our state of the art shredding facility.

6. Why would we need a regular shredding service?

Companies produce confidential material on a daily basis. Whether you’re simply jotting down the name and number of a customer or taking the minutes of a meeting, its confidential. Everything is sensitive that you do not want to get into the public domain. By using a regular shredding service you eliminate the need to shred a daily basis, the hassle of cleaning up after shredding, the build-up of paper work and the maintenance.

7. What if our consoles are full ahead of schedule?

Call us and we will call the next available day.

8. Is all the material recycled?

Yes. We recycle 100% of the paper we shred. We save tonnes of trees throughout the year…….or 41,000 to be exact .

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It’s quite simple, using a paper shredding service saves you money. Your old data is confidentially shredded, giving you security and peace of mind. Our recycling policy is good for the environment. Pulp Recycling is the shredding company for you.

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