Choosing a Secure Confidential Shredding Service in Ireland

In December 18, 2013
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Choosing a Secure Confidential Shredding Service in Ireland

When choosing a shredding service in Ireland, there are many factors you need to think of when making this important decision. You need to ensure that the company offers a secure, offsite or onsite service that is reliable to collect you sensitive material when required to do so.

What factors to take in when deciding on a shredding service?

1.       Quality of the shredding

Every company needs to be sure all the material is shredded and never be pieced back together.

We have cross cutting blades built into our trucks and the biggest cross cutting offsite shredder in Ireland.

Our Onsite trucks have built in cross cutting blades which can shred up to 1.6 tons per hour which is the equivalent of 4 pallets or a massive 16 domestic sized wheeled bins of material. If you think that’s impressive, our new offsite shredder, which is sitting in our state of the art facility, can shred up to 5 tons of paper per hour the equivalent over 12 pallets of material or a mind boggling 36 domestic sized wheeled bins.

All the material is cross cut the highest standard ensuring it can never be put back together. This is in contrast to most office shredders which strip shred confidential paper which can be easily back together.

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2.       Security both Onsite and Offsite

Onsite shredding service is when a vehicle is parked on your premises shredding the material. Offsite shredding service means material is collected and securely locked into bins or cages to be transported back to a facility for shredding.

With Pulp Recycling’s onsite shredding we will call to your premises and shred the material at your premises while you can watch through a CCTV monitor until the last document is shredded.

With our offsite shredding in recent years everything just got better, we track everything from our truck to the material in your consoles. We have it all on the system from the time it was collected to the time it was shredded. We have locked bins or cages inside our slam lock vans which provide a secure offsite service second to none.

And it gets better all our customer care reps are Garda vetted.

3.       Reliability

Having a regular service you need to be sure the service is reliable and trustworthy.

We have 3 locations strategically placed around Ireland which can provide a 24 hour response time to suit your needs with Garda vetted staff to carry out the work.

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4.       Budget

Of course the cost factor is important to all companies in today’s climate and they need to work within their budget.

We can offer a cost effective service that will provide savings across the board and offer you the best service which matches the quality of our ISO9001 awarded service.

5.       Secure Shredding for your business

All business produce paper and the majority of paper waste is sensitive and needs to be destroyed regularly or on an annual basis. By having a regular shredding service, you are ensuring that all material is protected and destroyed so that the company, the employees and the customers are protected.

Stolen or lost data can lead to a damaged reputation, your company lying on the wrong side of the law and even end up dealing with Data Protection office.

We tick all the boxes when you take all 5 points in account, so call us today at we will ensure that all your secure shredding needs are met.

Also take into account we are 100% Irish owned, trustworthy and provide a nationwide service. We also currently shred offsite for organisations such as the Department of Education, Bank of Ireland and the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation. See what our customers say about us

If you want to find out how our accredited customer service can help you, call us at 01 462 5540 or 021 4590100 also you can contact us directly through email.

We can also help you on a yearly basis contact us at

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It’s quite simple, using a paper shredding service saves you money. Your old data is confidentially shredded, giving you security and peace of mind. Our recycling policy is good for the environment. Pulp Recycling is the shredding company for you.

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